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May 05, 2024 in 12:00, CET
The whole collection of things, happy Sunday.

I didn’t post for EVER, but no worries, everything is perfect. I posted last time 20 days ago, so of course a lot of things happened.


I am still on one plate of food per day with occasional two meals if necessary, and I am sticking to my boring diet. Again, with some small exceptions. For some reason I excluded amino acids and supplements form my diet, but I will include them again. Food I prepare now is mostly barbecued anything with boiled potatoes and all kind of salads. I might start posting more frequent from tomorrow in this blog, with pictures.


I had enough of that with my daily obligations. I did mostly light exercise and thankfully my arms stopped hurting yesterday. I don’t know what happened and it didn’t bothered me all that much but my right arm felt ripped off the rest of me. I am left-dominant but I can use both hands equally, so it wasn’t much of a problem, and whatever it was it didn’t limit a scale of movement. A problem is only under certain angles. I am working with an arm to fix it back to a normal feeling.

I also started to inhale more vitamin C and other acids necessary for decalcification. I am shedding winter rust, so all calcifications are falling off of me. Party from kidneys included. But that part is solved, so I don’t think I will be knocking rock formations from that body part until the next year.

My weight is still on 69 kilograms, and after all things done I am no longer inspired to reinvent ingenious ways how to deal with that issue. I guess I will just go with a flow and continue being an elephant. An unhappy one too. I am living from water and sunshine. With 500 calories per day!! Do you see a space for dessert anywhere?!

I absolutely hate bad weather and I hate when I couldn’t go outside for prolonged periods this winter, and do some outdoors activities. Or just walk and talk to my friends and neighbours.

Hobbies and stuff

My video adventures are doing great. I enjoy in that hobby very much. I bought new camera and microphone, insulation foam and a lot of collectibles to play with. It is so fun.

And the giant fact that I make some people screaming makes the whole experience more gratifying.

I downloaded a hella lot of books, all sorts so besides tampering with video/audio equipment I am reading a lot.

Mostly fiction, paranormal and occult topics. So, all completely normal expected things.

I am also teaching my daughter science, finances and computers. I already have the whole collection for that, offline/online plus video tutorials.

Nail tragedies also continue. I bought some nail polishes and found out that besides being candy-looking they are scented. It is irritating. I have one now, it is pink.


I travelled a few times over the weekends. That was fun. I took mostly personal and family photos, so nothing to publish in here. I bought new clothes, cosmetics and some small stuff.

I expect to go in mountains next weekend. Finally.

Rant about cosmetics

What kind of a cosmetics I like? I like anything with musk, argan, jasmine, macadamia, white flowers, and mild floral powdery stuff like that. I hate patchouli with passion of thousand suns ( I am allergic).

Now I have a small pocket bottle of Spirits of cashmere musk which is a mixture of jasmine, tonka beam, tuberose, amber, musk and vanilla.

My daughter has Scentology Vanilla and velvet woods, so I steal that from time to time.

I have white musk shower gel ( of course because I am obsessed), others too, but that is my favourite. Tesori d’Oriente that can be found basically anywhere under low price.

I don’t give much thought to hair, I wash it mostly with hard soap ( because I am not human so I special needs and I have a mane that is impossible) and I use oil care mask or conditioner, now I have one with Macadamia oil.

I usually buy extra expensive stuff for my family, if I notice anything.

Besides nail polishes and nail art stuff, I don’t buy make up. I buy it occasionally to have fun with my teen daughter. But, in general we don’t wear any of that on daily basis and I don’t have a need for that sport at all.

When I do, I have redness reducer primer with tea extract and BB 5 in 1 tinted cream for light skin tone, peach blush, mascara and pastel brown-green eye shadow with a neutral lipstick and that is pretty much it.

What I do use is micellar water for eyes, but not as a make up remover, for maintenance only. I had a liquid for that but I no longer can find it anywhere.

The best thing for scrubbing I have is that Cattier oily biphase remover because it is amazing in cleaning absolutely anything. Non-greasy and very gentle. I have a whole box of those ( I bought 8 bottles, paid a little over 100 euros for that after I tried it for a week) and I am scrubbing my folks with that thing too. Super satisfied.

Twice a week I use the retinol/bakuchiol night cream, hyaluronic either booster or cream. For the moisturizer 5% panthenol body balsam which I recently substituted with Aloe Very gel. I also have argan and vanilla hand cream.

And also I use witchcraft on top of all of that - which I didn’t do for last few months, so that ritual is overdue for sure.

Does any of it work? Well, the witchcraft does. Other things have a limited or very short effect.

I would put my bet on face massage daily which requires a lot of dedication, and a good type of oil, I have a hemp for now.

Sleeping late and my bird friends lol

I sleep up to 7AM like a rock, and I don’t want to change it. I didn’t visit bird cage for ages. That of course doesn’t sit well with local vultures. I guess I disrupted their energies lol.

Crows from the local horror factory disagree with my new hobby, of sleeping like a dead, so the entire building have an orchestra the entire morning.

My parrot has a nervous breakdown. Why they are doing that? Well, you didn’t forget that I am feeding those flying feathered reptiles the whole winter, right?

If that was not enough, I also have two seagulls, hatchling from the previous season, perched behind the building waiting on those last years treats.

I was hoping to find a raven, but no luck. Eagles species are inviting, but it would probably cost me a hefty fine to tamper around those.

I will start some sort of a schedule for all of that tomorrow, today I will enjoy my Sunday. Happy Sunday!

Half way this blog post I went to the town and visited a flee market. I saw and talked to a few of my accountancies there and one of our neighbours is going to prepare a few tools and appliances we need, no charge. These are all older people, we do stuff for them, like repairs or an actual physical work, for example I am a building’s elevator.


Arcadian 2024 - it is fine, nothing extra

Suspiria 2018 - boring

Harry Potter - watched almost the whole damn serial with my kid, because there was nothing we could possibly find to be good in any way

Abigail 2024 - average vampire bloodbath trash

Breathe 2024 - stopped watching after maybe 20 minutes

Rebel Moon - OK

Inglorious Basterds by Quentin Tarantino - rewatched, perfect

Baghead 2023 - like the premise, good, could be so much better

Dune Part 2 - almost unalived myself yawning, boring

Imaginary 2024 - OK, watchable

Krispr 2023 - garbage


Parasyte The Grey (2024-) - started watching, not exactly enthusiastic, avarage

The Changeling (2023-) - this was discontinued, I watched all 8 episodes of 1st season. I downloaded a book to read, 344 pages in Hungarian. No English version available in Scribd. Fun. I am reading it with Edge over translator.

3 Body Problem (2024-) - watched all existing episodes. I downloaded all 3 books of Liu Cixin’s Remembrance of Earth’s Past; the plot is depressing.

Creole club?

No comment. Bok-bok club shaiting all together in a same voice, what can I say, poultry is highly affected these days. I don’t want to sound obscene but I think all that stems from a critical shortage of roosters.

Ok, enough nonsense for today, I started talking rubbish.

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