🎥 2024-04-15

April 15, 2024 in 01:30, CET
Some things about food and similar, I feel great today.

I might have found a problem with my diet. I don’t eat a lot, in fact a plate of food per day and still I somehow gained a lot of weight, which means that my support system is going crazy.

I don’t think it is any sort of an eating disorder, but it looks like I disregarded how much protein I need per day and then the whole thing went crazy, of course.

For some reason I believed that avoiding eating animals or a lot of protein will be beneficial, to avoid excess, but it seems it doesn’t work like that. I will try to take care of that.

I don’t eat RAW meat per se, it is microwaved into oblivion and it is also well fried so basically nothing can survive that. I have a better chance to ruin my digestion with deli meat or dry sausages to be honest. I don’t eat that either, or on rare occasions.

I expressed my opinion/feelings/feedback about other stuff in another video. I don’t want to go into that, because it will be sugar overload.

As for other things; one person in Creole club was under a zealot attack, I took pity and fixed it. She is very happy, full of energy, and of course back to her crayons lol. Muffin got herself in multiple troubles ( no surprise there); I can’t fix her way of thinking but I fixed the trouble.

I don’t want to hear anything about me being a mush, we suppose to be warriors over here. Battling dragons. No time to be mushy.

I slept the entire day yesterday to speed up a recovery, I feel fantastic so I guess that part is solved.

Until the next opportunity when somebody decides to lick a toilet seat. Or worse.

I have a lot of books to read, and I have other things to do around my new hobby with videos. I am very happy with that new activity, it provides a lot of fun and the entire experience is enjoyable and relaxing. For me. I believe some people don’t share the enthusiasm, but that is their problem not mine.

Weather is becoming warmer so I will be spending more time outdoors, which is my favourite.

I get up mostly at 4-5am and I finish my day at 10-11. I visit my favourite spot at least once now and enjoy birds. They are singing most of the night time, so I go there very early.

In many occasions I have a company…

This is by the way 6am recording, the following day we were there at 5am, it was like a feathered Jurassic Park; too chirpy and too loud for any conversation lol.

We also spent the nicest holidays, this is from a picturesque town we visited. It was great.

Gallery of various images. Not many.

I think next trip will be in mountains and nature, I would like that; plenty of green and fresh air.

Everything is good, perfect and according to the plan.

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