📝 2024-04-09

April 09, 2024 in 15:00, CET
Update, te-hee, kind of a bit late lol

Ok, I know I am super-late with my diary entry, but I was so super-busy and I had so much fun doing what I was doing that I totally forgot about any of this. I am sorry.

🐁 I entirely stopped pestering rodents and boomed it so hard that a joke of it became our core memory. We almost unalived ourselves laughing. I can’t believe that people expect this to be a work of one individual, I had to share it. We … were… trippin’!!! I regret nothing. It was worth every second.

🍰 Food? Yeah you know about diet. I don’t think that thing is even working. I tried so hard and did everything as planned for so long and my weight still remained cemented on 70 kilograms. I can’t get it off and I am afraid if I start doing something extreme it will produce an imbalance and cause a harmful and unsafe conditions. I don’t want that. I will come up with something, maybe more activity and something healthy. Cutting calories more is just not something I want to do.

🔥 I definitely didn’t do many things that I was planning, but I am not sorry. I can always pick up the pace and do it right now.

I will upload some sort of a video, but possibly later, and maybe on that other profile. I made a really nice recording of birds in night. We had such a great time, it sounds like a fairyland.

🎥 I am very satisfied with the videos and how the entire things turned out. I plan to continue doing it, but I will tune it down a bit and do something goofy and fun. Too much revealing things would be a bit odd. Also, I totally will continue with a total stupid things like gossip and stuff like that - it is truck-loads of total garbage - annihilation level, lol. Anyways, nothing toxic and definitely not serious.

📅 My schedule looks like a comet hit it; I didn’t improve at all. I have some sort of a time table, but that’s all like a dust in a wind. A complete chaos. I do videos, read stuff, exercise and walk my semblance to honour our Elder Oak at the first ray of dawn ( we are there more than hour before but you know…). Giant is awoken, and it means fun time and a lot of energy.

🫀 Health? Absolutely perfect. If I have a buzz, it is very short. I didn’t do any check-ups, I will do it in a week or so. I simply didn’t feel a necessity to check on anything. No complains.

🕸️ I just visit a few websites and that is pretty much it. I use some for this link sharing thing, but that is the same like I don’t use it at all. I am not there and my peers are doing that while I paint my nails and record videos.

I am getting new camera tomorrow, this one sucks so bad.

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