📝 2024-02-24

February 24, 2024 in 12:20, CET
I plan to have an in-door weekend, for a change, and spend time with my folks. I think we could watch a few movies and just do nothing.

What have I been doing these days?

  • ⭐ Video editing
  • ⭐ Food
  • ⭐ Health

🎥 Video editing

I would love to say that I was wrecking havoc, but the only thing I wrecked were my own nerves.

I created 200 slide animation for a video, which took me 9 hours. The next day I did voiceovers, and that took me the whole afternoon, because my program glitched and some slides disappeared. The third day I did final edits, added soundtrack, sound effects and completed a video. Animation is still too slow, I had mistakes but my peers forbid me to correct those and insisted that I leave the whole thing as is. Video is doing great so far. Unsurprisingly. I think that a voice-over did a whole difference. I don’t sound all that good in a voice-over, and I have many mistakes, but it’s nothing I can’t improve in and audio is not staged. I didn’t have anything prewritten, besides slideshows, which I sporadically used.

I will take a weekend off and continue doing videos for my other YouTube channels in Monday.

I also created a lot of social media accounts and a donation profile on Ko-Fi, for this specific video channel. I don’t plan to leave anything unmonetized.

I plan to monetize channels and in time if possible to create a passive income. For the time being covering certain topics is fine, but I want to do other things. For certain videos, I am not doing this from any fandom reasons, those are topics same like anything else. I will approach any topic with the same effort, if results are the same or similar. The only joy I personally have out of it, is maybe to drink blood to others who post about similar things, which is - considering everything - not all that difficult.

🍰 Food

There is not much difference in my menu. I’m consorting myself with home made bread - all praise to the support system - and I am hovering around 500-700 calories per day total.

There is not much change in food either, and in the words of my daughter, my menu would cause a severe depression to anyone.

We are baking bread at home with bread maker; very simple principle. With one error - I can’t bake anything normal with our gluten free flour. While white bread turns into a work of art, the another one mutates into a crumbly mess. So, for time being I am making just gluten breads and enjoying in one slice here and there.


Besides being a little bit tired - from all that video editing - I had nothing interesting happening. Maybe some eardrum issues - poking sensation for 2 days - which is kind of odd because I NEVER had anything like that in my life. I am glad it is over. I don’t have nerves in my ears, I can’t feel any pain there. The only sensitive part is an eardrum IF something touches it, but even with that in a toll, I never had a similar sensation.

I exercise here and there when I have time. There is not much left after daily work. My sudden gain in weight didn’t make me happy or enthusiastic to add MORE activity. I am not sure if I should add more activity, will it be healthy.

I am quite disappointed when it comes to that part. There is no miscalculation; I monitor everything and it is fact-checked. With a full day of activity and 500 calories average I am gaining weight, currently I am cemented at 69kg. And it is not moving, and it is not fat, I would say both fat and muscles. This is not cool, I don’t like it.

I don’t want to do any vile experiments, I don’t want to hit the critical point because it could affect health in so many ways. None good. I will gauge my menu at 400 for a week, and see if something changes.

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