November 20, 2023 in 17:30, CET

Normal day, weekly schedule, and other things.

I worked a lot today. Later l made two groups or communities on Nostr and updated my page. I’m not sure which upgrades will follow, but I will think of something. I didn’t have any weird dreams last night, which is great. I doubt I would like to have more of them. I updated my weekly schedule based on the previous week and will build upon that. I will add fitness and some other things for this week. It will be beneficial. (n)

This is my weekly schedule. I don’t know how much it is visible from an image. Last week doesn’t contain much:

Day Week1 Week2 Week3
Mon Iron Exercise
Tue Work/Overthink
Wed Focus
Thu Endurance
Fri Disociate
Sat Regeneration
Sun Meditation

I will update exercise schedule tomorrow.

20 November 2023 Monday